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Lights! Camera! Action!

Film Acting Academy of Denver Founder and filmmaker Patrick Sheridan.

On December 1st, The Denver Film Acting Academy officially opens for business!

As Clint Eastwood famously grunted, “I know what you’re thinking…” Yeah, I do. You’re thinking (or grunting): “Do we really need another Denver acting school? Well, do we, punk?”

The short answer is probably “no” because I can name at least ten places and a dozen great people that do fantastic work with actors up and down the Front Range. The long answer, however, is an emphatic “yes” because I don’t teach what other schools teach and I don’t teach in a way that the others do. See, I am a screenwriter and director first and my philosophy is rather simple: An actor’s best choice is to not make a choice and live in the moment, connect to their scene partner in a deep and meaningful way, let the other elements of film do their work, and trust that amazing will happen when the camera starts rolling. I see amazing all the time when actors stop acting.

The Film Acting Academy of Denver was created because the demand for what I teach keeps growing (love those referrals!) and more and more of “my” actors are sharing my philosophy and training style with other actors (some even in classes at other acting workshops!). Many Denver actors are finding that out-of-town casting directors and filmmakers are looking for actors to stop acting and to just “be.” So really, I’m opening up The Film Acting Academy of Denver for one simple reason: actors kept asking me to. I honestly can’t think of a better reason than that.

I keep our class sizes very small and I’m only looking for a few actors who want to approach acting in a different, more organic way. The Film Acting Academy of Denver might be a good fit for you. It might not. Either way, I wish everyone success in this great art we call call film acting.

See you on the big screen.

Patrick Sheridan


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