Actor Services

At the Film Acting Academy of Denver, our goal is to prepare you to be amazing when you land that great role and you find yourself on set waiting for “Action!”

We also know that there is a lot of work that goes into landing that role. We can help you with a private lesson or two, put together your reel, tape an audition, and develop a script to produce a short movie specifically tailored to your abilities. Pretty much whatever you need to show the world how great you are, we can help. So, here’s abrief list of some of the things we help actors with:

Private Lessons:

So, you need some help. It’s okay. We all do from time to time.

Maybe you’re nervous about a big audition coming up. Or you just need help learning your lines. It’s possible there is a specific skill you need to work on. Or you just need a different perspective on things. Or maybe your schedule just doesn’t allow you time to take an ongoing class but you still want to discover what all this “be yourself” stuff is all about. Whatever the case, private lessons and instruction are available.

Price: $45 per hour. Group rates available.

Audition Taping and Prep:

Seems more and more Producers, Directors, and Casting Directors want a taped audition. Sometimes it’s okay to self-tape. Most of the time it’s not. We tape and edit your audition then upload it to dropbox or YouTube or wherever it needs to go (within reason, mind you).  We find this takes about 2 hours to do it right.

Price: $90 (up to two hours, $45 for each additional hour).

Demo Reels:

To answer your question: Yes, you need a demo reel. And, yes, it needs to be good. See, many Producers or Directors, especially in the indie film world, network and use referrals to cast roles. Often they ask actors to send them a link to something that showcases the actor’s abilities. So your reel had better be good.  Sadly, many just don’t have enough quality material to showcase their abilities. We can help. We create custom demo reels (or create new scenes to use with existing footage). We’ll post a few soon, but in the meantime, we’ll be glad to send you a link to few we’ve already done!

Price: Call 720-276-9922 for more information.

Short Film Development and Production:

You’re ready for your closeup and it’s time to have a short film that really showcases who you are as an actor. A festival-worthy short film is a great way to show the world that you belong in movies. Short Film Development and Production (starts at $2,500 – under five minutes). Want to see an example of our work? Click on the image below to see Mom Says…

MOm Says


Need something else? Call Patrick at 720-276-9922!


9 responses to “Actor Services

  1. Eric Beecroft

    Is there an availability on Thursday for me to have an audition taped?

    I would also need a female reader?


    • Hi Eric. Yes, we can tape an audition on Thursday. Please call Patrick at 720-276-9922 to discuss possible times and whether or not we need a female reader for you (most auditions don’t care about the gender of the reader). Thanks!

  2. Kate

    What if you are a brand new spanking actor and desperate need of lessons to get started where do I go to do this?

  3. Crystal Lane

    Hi, my husband is an MMA fighter and he was picked to read lines for a tv show, he has no acting experience just stunt man work. we are looking for help. I believe he has online casting this weekend. Looking for some one to help him with lines? Don’t know who to talk to !

  4. Courtney Rodriguez

    Hello Patrick,

    I was referred to you by Emily at Big Fish. My 3 children have done a little work for them, and my 8 year old son, Luca, in particular has shown quite a natural talent for acting. They highly recommended you for lessons to further his abilities.I’m wondering what the options are or if you have any kids classes available. And if so, what the cost would be. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. Shannon Malloy

    Hey Patrick! It was awesome meeting you last night!
    Really interested in talking with you about auditing a class and possible private lessons. Could we get in touch by email?
    Thanks!! 🙂
    Shannon Malloy

  6. Called Patrick – mailbox full. Have to self tape with my iPhone and send to LA tomorrow 6/23. Available? I’m in CO on business and live in LA.

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