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Finally! An Acting Class Just for Kids and Teens!

Kylie and Patrick on setWe’ve heard the stories about “Stage Moms” and “Stage Dads” but so far we haven’t  had to deal with any of them. What we mostly have heard from them is they want an ongoing acting class that fits around their children’s already over-scheduled week.  After a couple of months of trying to find a day and time that works for a lot of people, we are happy to announce a new class: Film Acting for Kids and Teens (6-15), that will meet Monday afternoons from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Class will teach students an amazing technique for learning lines quickly, a stress-free way to audition, and the one simple little secret that every Hollywood actor knows. The class shows actors how to “be in the moment” and to trust that amazing things will happen once the camera starts rolling. Class includes lots of on-camera work, too!

Mostly, we believe that knowing how to just “be” yourself when the camera is rolling is the key to delviering great moments on screen for actors of any age.

So, stop worrying about your character’s back-story or making choices before the camera rolls because all that stuff gets in the way of listening to your scene partner and “being” in the moment.
Film Acting for Kids and Teens meets the first four Mondays of every month (unless otherwise stated) and is $105 per month . This class will change the way you and your kids think about acting in front of the camera and the way you and your kids watch movies. It is that awesome. Really!
To register, click here.

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