We know many actors prefer a structured approach to film acting. They usually have great results and success with more traditional acting classes. Some actors, however, want or need something different. We teach different.

The Film Acting Academy of Denver is about helping actors discover how to let go of “method” and “process” and to stop making “choices” because we believe these things get in the way of connecting to, listening to, and genuinely reacting to their scene partner.

Our belief is that great acting happens in the absence of anything planned or rehearsed and that the secret to having great moments in front of the camera is to simply be yourself, be “in the moment,” and to trust that something amazing will happen once the camera starts rolling because, well, it always does.

Not everyone agrees with us. That’s okay. Our acting class is not for everybody.

Yeah, it’s different.

10 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Jesse Cordova

    Wow big move, no more little fish in big pond, Middle fish in Middle pond, nice!

    • Hey Jesse! Yeah, I’ve had so many actors asking for my help it was just time to give my classes a more official presence so others needing to stop acting/overacting would have a safe place to go for help!

      Hope all is well in your world!

  2. Ben

    I recently took the one-day acting class, and it was well worth the effort for a person with no background in the acting field before. Bravo Patrick! yours, Ben

  3. I’ve been a successful actor for over 15 years (as in I can pay my mortgage), and its 100% because I am just me. I just “be myself”. Good advice Patrick.

  4. kathybacon

    Wish I could do it by Skype – just moved from Denver to Thailand!

  5. Ashlee

    Diles this help you become a actor or do you have to be one already?

    • Hi Ashlee! I work with all level of actors, from beginners to professional. Please feel free to take a class for free anytime you want so you can check it out!

  6. Dusty Ray Shelbourn

    I have allways noticed my favorite film actors seem to just be theirselves. This sounds like a formula for success. Please contact me with class info.

  7. Shanel Hughes

    Hey Patrick! I signed up for the On Camera Technical skills class and I would prefer the date of Oct. 30th and if that is full, Oct. 26th.

    Thank you!

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